GTA ViceCity Structured sourcefile

I wrote some awk scripts that re-structure main.scm sources into a more readable form with IF-THEN-ELSE, DO-WHILE, .... constructs. The link below contains the re-structured source file of the original main.scm file.

download here

Its main purpose is to increase understanding of the original rockstar code, no toolset(compiler/decompiler/editor) is planned for this format ( yet:) )

GTA ViceCity Main.scm index

Getting to know your way around the main.scm sourcefile is one of the difficult tasks faced when one wants to mod the main.scm mission script for ViceCity.
I made an index of the complete source, containing an overview of all threads with a description. The Index also denotes by who (when) the various threads are started.

single-page pdf format or online html version

GTA ViceCity Mission Sequence Chart

I've drawn a chart that depicts the sequence and dependencies between all missions in Vice City

download here

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These files are not to be distributed without proper credits and permission of the author.